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By J. Stephen Lang

ISBN-10: 0764569260

ISBN-13: 9780764569265

Imagine you recognize every little thing approximately your tom cat better half?
In 1,001 belongings you regularly desired to find out about Cats, minutiae professional and authorized cat fancier J. Stephen Lang places your whisker knowledge to the try with 1,001 tantalizing trivialities tidbits. From myths and legends to well-known cat fans (and haters), "catty" words to comic strip kitties, bewildering behavioral quirks to mating and motherhood, you’ll find out about: <UL> * 5 U.S. presidents who cherished cats . . . and one that hated them with a passion!
* why cats take pleasure in kneading their human partners with their paws;
* a breed of cat with webbed toes who swims for his seafood supper!
* the preferred female and male cat names today.
With those and 997 different scrumptious minutiae morsels, you’ll detect an abundance of unforeseen delights on each web page!

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There are even cases of cats saving the lives of people (or other cats) who were being attacked by vicious dogs. Yes, cats do seem to be selfish creatures, but they do have their noble moments. 53 1,001 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Cats 97 Making eye contact, George Burns style It’s a basic rule of good communication: look people in the eye when speaking to them. It seems also to apply when humans communicate with cats, for cat experts observe that a timid or frightened cat responds to direct eye contact with a human—not an intense stare (which intimidates cats) but unbroken eye contact involving a slow blink (think of comedian George Burns).

This seems to apply to cats as well. Jam a lot of cats together in a city, and you can count on some loud nocturnal battles among toms attempting to stake out their territories. And no wonder: a farm cat might have ten acres to himself, while city cats have to share a relatively tiny amount of space. “Good fences make good neighbors” doesn’t apply if you are small, agile and can easily climb on the tops of the fences! 79 Hiss vs. growl Neither is exactly a sign of pleasure, but hisses and growls don’t communicate quite the same thing.

Assuming your cat rides well in a car (see 91), you need never fear him getting motion sickness, for a cat’s legendary equilibrium will keep him steady. The average cat detests riding in a car, but not because of balance problems. 93 Feline melomanes Do cats love music? Some owners claim their pets seem happy curled up next to a speaker—assuming the speaker is emitting something pleasant and harmonious, that is. ” The author’s own opinion is that a cat’s preferred environment would have no sound at all, but that cats definitely prefer pleasant music over any kind of noise, whatever the source.

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